Bar T T Cowhorse

2019 Foals

Our 2019 foal has arrived.  Despite our best efforts to provide a luxurious overnight stall for Lisa to foal out, she just prefers the wild outdoors.  This is the second time she has chosen to drop her foal outside in the cold.  

This year's baby was a stud colt, a little chilly and wet, covered in mud when we found him.  He was just an hour or so old as the placenta was still warm.  He is a stong healthy colt and is already testing mom's rules.  He likes to see if he can get away with visiting the other horses over the fence when they are out for some sunshine.  Lisa is not impressed with his antics and quickly chases him back.

Mom is Lisa Marie (Truckin Lisa Marie), daughter of Elvis (NMSU Truckin Chex, the winning stallion of Kevin Stallings).  Her first foal, was a palomino filly which we called Graceland Voodoo Dr (Grace Ann).  In 2017, she foaled a stunning colt, chestnut body with abundant flaxen mane and tail.  We named him King (Voodoo Truckin Tivio).

Our 2019 baby colt has been named Memphis (Voodoo's in Memphis), keeping the traditional link to Elvis).  Welcome to the ranch, Memphis!

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