Broodmare Pedigrees

Pedigree Analysis Method:

Assign a separate dark colour to each foundation horse of interest.  For instance, Lighning Bar is dark purple.  Rey Jay is dark green, Poco Bueno is dark blue and Royal King is dark red.

Colour direct offspring a slightly lighter shade of the same colour so that family bloodlines become more obvious.

The same shade represents all 1st degree offspring.  Their progeny are a lighter shade again.

Broodmare Pedigrees Coloured.jpg
Pedigree Colour Families.jpg

All direct offspring of Lightning Bar and their progeny will be coloured in purple, with the closest (1st degree) offspring darker than more distant offspring.

Similarly, the Rey Jay family is shown in shades of green.  The Poco Bueno family is in shades of blue, the Leo family in yellows and the Royal King family is in shades of red. 

Beyond 3 or 4 generations, things start to get complicated, as the families often intertwine over time.  By colouring the pedigrees of our broodmares, you can more obviously see their bloodlines back to the earliest days of the Quarter Horse.

Pedigree Colour Families.jpg

The Broodmares

Using the same method, each of our broodmares' pedigrees have been coloured to show the family lines.

Each mare is presented with its barn name, its registered AQHA name and its coloured pedigree.  Using this method, it becomes obvious how royally bred these mares are.  Although we may not recognize every name, we can see the relation of each horse in the pedigree to a foundation horse.

To date, we have identified just 5 families; Lightning Bar, Rey Jay, Royal King, Leo and Poco Bueno

On Envy's pedigree, (DB Mate Stays Smooth), we see mainly purple and green with some blue and red.  Very few names on the right hand side pedigree are white, outcross horses.  Even some of these, such as Jewels Leo Bars, is very well known. 

DORA - Mates Footsteps


ENVY - DB Mate Stays Smooth


On Dora's pedigree, (Mates Footsteps), we see less purple (Lightning Bar) influence.  The pedigree is a balance of purple with green and yellow, indicating Rey Jay and Leo influence.

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