SG Fair Little Chic








DOB: April 1, 2009

Sire: Chics In The Male

Dam: FS Lucky Tater

Fair is a stout, easy going mare.  She has good conformation and throws big, sturdy foals.  She is an easy keeper and thrives on native grass in the bush.  

Fair is the 'Go To' ranch horse at Tall Timber.  She happily hauls small children or terrified adults for trail rides.  She is a veteran at rounding up wayward cattle, including our Houdini bulls this summer.  Although a quiet, slow mover by nature, she can work a full day and lopes out readily when asked.  Fair generally is kept busy with ranch work and gets less arena time but she can execute the pattern too!  Her thrift nature allows her to work everyday and maintain body condition.

With her quiet, slow movement, and friendly approach she is an excellent candidate for a young person's first full time horse.  At 15 hh, she is not too tall and she knows how to take care of a rider.  If you stop riding, she will stop and wait for direction.  And if you do take a tumble, you won't need to worry about chasing your horse as she will be standing nearby, waiting for you to remount.  She is easy to catch and halter, enjoys regular grooming, takes the bit without any fuss and is delighted to accept a treat after her workout.

Fair is an excellent broodmare and would be a great addition as a surrogate mare, carrying embryos for a talented, competing mare.   She catches easily and carries to term without difficulty.  Fair provides them with excellent nutrition in utero and delivers large, sturdy foals.  With great milk production, the foals continue to grow big and strong.  She is a very tolerant mother, allowing her foals plenty of freedom to explore.  Fair is N/N for GBED, HERDA, HYPP, MH and PSSM1. 

Eligible for:

  • Canadian Supreme Futurities and other aged events, #10-007.  

  • Reining Alberta Sire Incentive Program (Chics In The Male)

Fair has a solid pedigree with bloodlines that show strong reining and cowhorse talent.  Chics In The Male was a reining champion before moving to Alberta as a stud.  

On her topside, you find Smart Little Lena, Gay Sugar Chic, Docs Dee Bar and Royal Liz, well known lines of the AQHA legacy.

On the bottom side, she is double bred to Jody Fairfax, along with Lonsum FIve Star and Lucky Bottom Ann, all very strong cowhorses.

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