Finding Stalls Overnight

Although it seems daunting at first, finding stalls for overnight stops is not all that difficult.  You will need a charged phone, a map and pen and paper to make notes.

If you are reasonably confident in where you will be by nightfall, call ahead and book your spot.  They often will leave a light on or prep the stalls for you if they know you are coming.  

By 4 pm, you need to start hunting.  Search the area from where you are about 100 miles ahead and hope that you find your spot before you pass it.

Where to look for 1 - 2 horses

If you have one or two horses, you have lots of options.  Many private individuals will welcome you with stalls and a plug in for your LQ.  Try any of the following links.  We have personally used Horse Motels.

Where to look for more horses or larger trailers


If you have more than two horses or a fairly large trailer, you will likely want a commerical camping site or fairgrounds.  Some private spots are extremely tight for turning around!  And many have round pen style accomodation which may not be sufficient for 3 or more horses.

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