What we do

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We are a small breeding and training facility in central Alberta.  We have purchased broodmares with excellent cow horse bloodlines and select stallions to meet our breeding goals for temperament, conformation and athleticism.  

Our horses eat like kings with top quality hay, concentrate, grain and supplements.  They enjoy regular, professional hoof care and body work.  They are under the care of our excellent veterinarians on a preventative basis, and as required for illness or injury.  We use our BEMER Horse to reduce muscle soreness and speed healing.


Our training program is based on proven methods of animal physiology, behaviour and learning, emphasizing subtle pressure and release.  Our horses enjoy large pastures, varied activities, steady friendships and life as a horse.  We expose them to many aspects of ranch life from machinerey to road traffic, hauling, stalling in the barn, loud dogs, chasing cats and all sorts of wildlife.

We breed a few mares each year and raise the foals with a gentle hand and close eye.  We keep them friendly, curious  and eager to learn.  We do not intimidate, punish or coerce - we ask, wait and reward.

Our colts in training move at their own pace, depending on their personality and ability.  They soon become solid, reliable ranch horses through this method and then pick up the finer details for showing.  We send prospective show horses to professional trainers for tuning and sales. 


Look for the Bar TT brand on the left hip - you'll know they started here.

Come Work With Us!

All positions are currently filled.  We may have room for part-time, volunteer, stable help if you are interested.

Full-time horse trainer - Filled
    Experience required

    On site accomodations 

    Job Description

Barn help - Filled
    We may have some need for extra help
    through the summer (May to August).

    Job Description

How to Apply - 

    Please contact Laureen if you are interested in a applying for position.  Email can be sent to littlelaureen@gmail.com.  You may fill out the attached application form or provide this information in a note along with your resume.

                  Job Application


To produce and market horses that are steady, reliable and ready to work, with bloodlines and training suited to reined cow horse, cutting, roping, barrels or ranch horse versatility competition.


At Bar TT Cowhorse, we believe that a great horse starts with careful breeding, correct nutrition, attentive health care and the right training.

Our foals are started gently and progress at their own pace to provide you with consistently sound and willing prospects, ready for competition.


  • We choose science or evidence based methods.

  • We believe the potential in the beginner is best developed through freedom to try and coaching to correct.

  • We value hard work, smart employees, financial responsibility, cooperation and camaraderie at work.

  • We believe horses should have room to run and time to graze in natural pastures as well as amiable pasture companions and a regular routine.


To consistently deliver on a reputation for

  • science based nutrition, hoof care, health care and handling of our horses

  • well bred, gently started and carefully trained prospects ready for competition.  

  • a workplace that provides young, aspiring trainers with the opportunity to develop their skills under the regular mentorship of a professional trainer.

  • well-built and planned facilities that benefit our horses and trainers.

  • honest, straight-forward dealings that support competitive local businesses.

  • generous support of our community.


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