Graceland Voodoo Dr (Grace Ann)

Grace Ann, born in 2016 spring, is a strong and willing partner in everyday ranch operations.  Rounding up cattle, sorting or counting, she's ready to go and enjoys the work.  When ranch duties are quiet, she works in the arena or round pen, perfecting her easy loping circles and lead changes. These photos were taken in June 2020. 

Just look at that mane and tail!  You may have to braid it for practice time,  just so you can see what's going on.

Steady, slow training has built a beautiful top line on this young mare as well as strong bones and tendons for daily work.  This mare is solid - and ready for a demanding career.  She should have the longevity of her grandsire, Elivs (NMSU Truckin Chex) - 6 time World Bridle Horse Champion under Kevin Stallings. 

And, like Elvis, Grace Ann comes to the barn ready to work each and every day.  No matter what you ask, she does her best.  She lopes circles without getting bored, stands alone tied without getting worried.  In fact, I think she may be more settled and easy than Elvis was!

And then there's the cow work.  When Grace got started on cattle, we weren't sure how she would react.  She has strong reining bloodlines behind her but that doesn't always translate to cattle.  On her very first trip out to cut some cattle you could just see the light going on.  She was keen, with her eyes glued to the cow and ready to move to keep them from getting past.  From there, she has only grown in her interest and skill!


Each spring when she sheds out, we see a new version of this gorgeous palomino.  She now has strands of dark hair in mane and tail and a few darker patches on the rump.  Overall, her baby white hair has been replaced by gorgeous gold.  And that mane just keeps growing.  It doesn't take a lot of management - it just is not as fine and prone to tangle as some others.  You may want to practice your braiding, just for work days, to keep all that hair out of the way.  When you enter the show pen, she will be eye catching for sure!

Grace looks fancy, but she's a working horse on the ranch.  Last winter, she moved bulls and cattle, checked feeding cows and fences.  She's a handy horse that can cut a cow back or walk quietly through the herd.  Our trainers ride her in the arena almost daily, but when she's doing ranch work she has a variety of riders.  She hauls and rides pasture with our son, the cattle rancher - finding the strays and sorting the herd for shipping.  She is an easy mount for emergency work when the yearlings escape their fence - no matter who's going to put them back. 

Her various riders may not all achieve show level collection but she works well for everyone, easy to get along with and perfect for the work you have at hand.  And then in the show pen she can show!

We are currently working on perfecting Grace Ann's  spin.  We recently hauled her to a Boxing Clinic - a new arena, much bigger than any she has seen with new horses, lots of new indoor sounds and overnight stalls.  She was a rockstar!  She rode the clinic like a pro - in the morning we worked on reining circles, run downs and spins.  Then in the afternoon she tried boxing for the first time ever.  Of course, she's familiar with cattle, but running to stop them on the fence was obviously a lot of fun for this girl!


This eye-catching palomino is a smart horse, learning quickly with minimal cues.  Can't you see yourself in the show ring with this flashy performance horse? She'll steal the show!

Currently priced at $15,000.

Grace has one blue eye (right) and one brown.  She has a huge, well-tuned engine in the back!  She has an easy-going temperament for training and riding.  She doesn't spook or balk. She enjoys the work.

Trotting away and back.

Circles at walk, trot, lope

Circles, Stop & Back

Starting on Roll Backs on the Fence

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