Highlighted below, are our horses for sale.  All of our herd receive daily training, specific to  their age and level of skill.  The youngest, our new filly, learns to accept a halter and follow her dam out to pasture and back to the barn.  She will learn to trailer load this summer too.  The yearlings are learning to stand tied, lead, lunge and experience many new sacking out activities daily.  Two year olds are started under saddle in the round pen, once they have learned the cues on the ground and are comfortable with the tack.  Three year olds are ridden daily, learning proper collection, square stops and smooth transitions between gaits.  As they advance, we teach the spin and slide. 


These horses are bred for competitive events but also enjoy and benefit from ranch work.  Their eyes light up on cattle, watching for the earliest indication that the cow is going to change direction.  Working cattle at pasture and riding trails to check on the herd provides practice at picking up their feet over logs, and accustoms them to local wildlife, shadows and all kinds of weather.  They learn to can walk quietly through the herd at times and cut a specific cow at other times, always under their rider's direction.  Our gentle foothills location provides some excellent hills for building those back end muscles.

We welcome visits to the ranch to see the horses and try them out.  403-638-1282 is the ranch phone.  You can also email us at info@bar-tt-cowhorse.com to arrange a visit.

Horses For Sale

Sales Barn

Click on any horse or age group for more details.  If you let us know your plans,  we can suggest our best match, whether it's easy trail riding or show ribbons.  Selecting the right horse is important - for your safety and enjoyment as well as the long term health and happiness of the horse.

Mares & Fillies                    Frost,    Grace Ann,    Lady,                  Smoke                              Chiclet

Geldings & Colts                                                 King, Sirocco,     Brunswick,     Memphis

Older Mares - Fair, Breeze, Lisa Marie

Older Geldings - Bert, Merlin

Suggestions on selecting your horse

Discipline                            Prospects *     Training horses ^       Mature candidates +

Roping                                Brunswick       Sirocco, Frost            Fair

Barrels                                Smoke            Lady                        Fair

Cowhorse or Versatility         Memphis         King, Grace             Breeze

Reining                               Memphis         Grace                     Breeze

                                         * Prospects are young but show some ability or stature for the discipline

                                         ^ Horses in training that we have tried for the discipline skills

                                         + Mature horses that are broke and show some ability for the discipline



Our sale horses are listed below, from oldest to youngest.  All of our horses have had some degree of training, limited only by their age and when we acquired them.  Below each horse, you will find links to significant performance horses in their pedigree, in case you are unfamiliar with them.

Our broodmares are mature, broke horses, and may be suitable for less experienced riders.  Broodmares

More photos and video are availble upon request for any horse.  We will be post more as soon as we can.  If you are interested in a specific horse, we'll get whatever photos or other information you need to take the next step.

We welcome inquiries and visits to the ranch. If you are not in the area, a local trainer may be able to help you by riding a horse for you.  We are happy to haul to an arena in the area for a trial ride if weather is not suitable for the outdoor ring.

Please don't hesitate to ask about price.  We are open to offers or financing arrangements and may be able to suggest a suitable candidate for you.


Frost, 2015 mare


Grace Ann, 2016 mare


King, 2017 gelding


Lady, 2017 mare


Sirocco, 2017 gelding


Smoke, 2018 filly


Brunswick, 2018 gelding


Memphis, 2019 colt

Papers pending - bred as shown

Voodoo is in Memphis


Chiclet, 2020 filly

Sheza Diamond Chiclet

Heza Diamond Spark

SG Aech She Smart

Chics In The Male

Smokin Aech

Diamond J Star

Sheza Shinette

Shining Spark

Chicks and Chex

Grays Starlight

Diamond J Playgirl

Smoke Shak

Almost A Dandy

Smart Chic Olena

Mia Dee Bar

Papers pending - bred as shown

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