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Our Training Program


All of our herd receive regular work by our onsite trainer, specific to  their age, physical development and level of skill.  All horses are deemed a year older as of January 1st each year.


Our 2021 fillies, Riley & Dottie, know how to be caught, accept a halter, and lead a short distance.  They trailer load and continue to work on standing for the farrier.


The 2020s, Chiclet & Shiner, have  learned to stand tied, lead and lunge.  They have experienced many sacking out activities, including puddles, ropes, tarps and machinery working nearby. 

The 2019s, KitKat & Smartie, have completed ground work related to carrying a rider and are comfortable with the tack and cues.  They were backed for the first time in December, 2021 and are progressing steadily.

Our 2018 colt, Buzz, is ridden daily, learning proper collection, square stops and smooth transitions between gaits. This one shows huge potential, already loping easily in the arena, moving cattle and handling new challenges without a fuss.


Our 2017s, King and Lady have begun competition and continue to refine their manoevers.  Incoming molars cause mouth tenderness at this age, so these 4 year olds are worked in the hackamore.  

As the horses advance, we teach the spin and slide and start working the flag and cattle on the fence. King will continue his develoment toward reined cow horse competition while Lady is currently dedicated to ranch work.


These horses are bred for competitive events but also enjoy and benefit from ranch work.  Their eyes light up on cattle, and "lock on" to every move.  Working cattle at pasture and riding trails to check on the herd provides practice at picking up their feet over logs, and accustoms them to local wildlife, shadows and all kinds of weather.  They learn to walk quietly through the herd at times and cut a specific cow at other times, always under their rider's direction.  Real ranch work provides an element of urgency that is often new to them.


We try to breed, start and train horses that will work for our customers.  We've sold to ropers, ranchers and breeders as well as reining and cowhorse show competitors.  Let us know what you are looking for and we will try to help.  We will consider the activities you want to do with your horse, your level of riding/competition and how often they will be worked.  If we don't have what you are looking for, we will gladly refer you to a suitable horse elsewhere.

2017:   Lady (m), King (g)                        m: mare / filly

2018:   Buzz (g)                                      g: gelding

2019:   KitKat (m), Smartie (m)                  sc: stud colt

2020:   Chicklet (m), Shiner (g)

2021:   Riley (m), Dottie (m)

We are looking forward to 3 foals in 2022.

Hickory Hello x Purple Dual Rey

Cats Picasso x Truckin Lisa Marie

BK Spark of Genius x SG Aech She Smart


The Geldings

Smart Lil Hemi
aka Merlin

Smart Lil Highbrow x

I Got No Freckles

Born 2009, Liver Chestnut

Performance Register of Merit

High Point All Ages - 8th Place Working Cow Horse Stallion, 2016

Arizona High Point Champion, NRCHA


Merlin is a special, one of a kind, gelding.  He loves to perform and knows when he's showing for real.  He's had a pampered life and likes it that way.  No muddy feet if he can help it!

Meradas Truckin Chex
aka Bert

Meradas Blu Starlite x

Leapin Lindy Chex

Born 2010, Sorrel


Bert is a solid ranch or competition horse.  He loves snuggling with his human and horsey friends.  He has a humourous, goofy side at times but he'll get you to the cow!


The Young Horses


Buzz, 2018 gelding

We just started working with Buzz this sping.  We think he'll be a fancy mover in the show pen with his sharp, dark markings.  He's already brave and confident yet not pushy on the ground and takes new challenges with barely a notice.  He seems older than his years both in his quiet demeanour and speedy acclimation to new tasks.  He has taken easily to his daily work and has already moved cattle and climbed mountain trails!

Buzz Pedigree.jpg
KitKat Pedigree.jpg

KitKat, 2019 filly

KitKat is new to the training pen.  She is a quick mover with lightning fast reflexes  A lighter build and those quick feet suggest athletic performance to come from this youngster.  She's quickly made the leap from round pen to saddling and I can hardly wait to see her smooth moves in the cutting pen in a couple years! She has surprised us with her ability to learn quickly and slow down those feet.  Give her another year - She's going to turn heads.

Smartie Pedigree.jpg

Smartie, 2019 filly

Smartie is our first Peppy San baby and she certainly gave us a run for our money early on.  She's settled in now and working well in the round pen.  True to her name, she's smart and learns very quickly.  She's right at the gate when you walk by and happy to come in to be worked.  She has such fluid, easy movement and that brain is fully engaged!  She has learned so much in a few months.  She's going to be fun to ride.


Chiclet, 2020 filly

Chiclet Pedigree.jpg

Chiclet is probably the friendliest yearling we've ever had.  It could be the extra handling early on (Thanks, Stine), but I suspect she is just a natural socialite.  This little one makes her own place and convinces the others that she belongs.  No feed bucket is off limits to her. 

She occaisionally has her own opinions but she quickly follows our lead.  She is going to put smiles on peoples faces, that's for sure!

Shiner Pedigree.jpg

Shiner, 2020 colt

Shiner is a handsome sorrel colt that is finding his place in the herd.  He's grown from a timid colt to a defender of his favourite mare.  He's growing fast and learns quickly.  He already leads like a pro and stands for the farrier. 

Shiner already knows and LOVES the cows!  Those cattle that escape their pasture are NOT welcome at his hay pile.  I am anxious to see him when he's ready to go down the fence!


Riley, 2021 filly

Riley is our only foal of 2021. By Reys from Heaven and out of Truckin Lisa Marie, she's going to be one to watch.  Already, she has fancy moves at pature with her dam.

This little filly is a grand-daughter of ELVIS, aka NMSU Truckin Chex, the multi-time World Open Bridle Horse at the NARCHA under Kevin Stallings.  Her mother, Elvis' daughter is Truckin Lisa Marie.  

As Elvis had only one grand daughter, called Riley, we felt this might be a good name for this athletic filly, also a grand daughter of ELVIS.

Shiner Pedigree.jpg

Full Pedigree Details Coming soon...

Reys from Heaven


Truckin Lisa Marie

Shiner Pedigree.jpg

Full Pedigree Details Coming soon...

 WT Smokey Blue Cash x WT NoDotsOnMe

(Autumnator x        (Hickory San Badger x
Hifi Lil)                    Shana Anna Hancock)

Dottie, 2021 filly

Dottie was purchased as a weanling from Wayne at Ross Quarter Horses in Caroline, AB.  This well built filly comes from old bloodlines including Peppy San Bager, Colonel Freckles, Doc Bar, Happy Hancock, Blue Valentine, King Leo Bar and Poco Bueno.  We like her performance bloodlines and love her correct conformation.

Dottie has had her first handling at Bar TT Cowhorse and was fairly calm and interested in the whole process.  She will be a weaning partner for Riley in the short term, but we see big things ahead for this dark filly.  Her official name is WT OneDotsOnMe, and has a small distinctive star on her forehead.

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