Terms & Conditions 

Work to Ride Program

Bar TT Cowhorse reserves the right to refuse any applicant or to terminate any worker for any reason.  Workers will be expected to set a schedule of days/hours a month ahead of time.  We generally work from 8am to 6pm and can use help during those times.  A regular schedule (Mondays from 5-8pm) is much easier for us to manage.  The chores required may depend on the time of day.  Catching horses, tacking up generally are morning chores.  Cleaning the barn and feeding are generally done in the afternoons.  There may be opportunities to work with the beef herd on some days if you are interested in tagging calves, giving innoculations or just walking the pens.

Workers are volunteering for barn help in exchange for riding opportunities.  They should expect to lift 50 lbs., carry feed bags, and other manual chores. Work with horses has an inherent element of risk regardless of the level of training of the horse or the experience of the worker.  You will be instructed on methods that have been successful for us in the past.  We ask that you use these specific techniques. Be aware of the horse's attitude and watch for sounds or sights which may cause them anxiety.   Workers must take personal responsibility to refuse any work they feel is unsafe.  We cannot be responsible for your safety and will not accept liability.

We will consider our current volunteer workers when we are looking for paid help.  You have had the opportunity to show us what you can contribute to the operation.  Paid workers will be able to continue riding instruction at our normal lesson rates if they choose.

Riding will be closely supervised and directed by our trainer, to be safe and of benefit to both the worker and the ranch.  Your riding horse will be selected based on your skill and experience and the needs of the horse.  Horses are always in training - if you are not interested in working on the next step required for the horse, you can skip the lesson.  We may choose to change your riding horse if the horse is not at a good level for your skill.


Any worker who demonstrates an unwillingness to do things using our methods will be given one warning.  A second infraction will result in termination of our agreement.

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