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Horse Trainer Position
Training, Showing & Sales

Status:  Currently filled

Bar TT Cowhorse employs a trainer on a full time basis, year round to advance our horses.  With a herd up to 20 head, there is plenty to do. 


Your work will involve assessing each horse for skills it already knows, developing a program of training to progress toward reined cow horse competition. A competent candidate will have experience in bringing horses from the very beginning to pro-level competition at the futurity.  A segment of the position involves developing a plan for each horse and then pursuing the goals - show, train or sale.  You will adjust horse groupings to accomodate compatibility quirks and manage forage.

At least once a year, we will develop goals and a plan for the upcoming season, choosing which shows we will attend and what horses will compete.  You will develop a weekly schedule to accomodate the requirements we agree to for each horse.  For instance, yearlings may require 30 minutes, 3 times a week while horses going to competition need 1-1.5 hours/day, 5 days plus 2 cattle sessions a week. 

Once a year, we will evaluate each horse in the program and confirm whether it should cotinue in training, being/end showing or breeding or be put up for sale.  You will provide videos and photos for horse sales, arrange trial rides and negotiate with potential buyers to meet our sales targets.

Together, we will develop a feed program to meet each horse's needs. We use Mad Barn to calculate necessary nutritional balance. You will maintain inventory of necessary feed and supplements and replenish as necessary.  You will keep feed, buckets and scoops collected, tidy and clean at the feed room.

You will prepare for the farrier for trims and shoeing have the horses ready in the barn, with cleaned, thawed feet and hold any that are uncooperative.  You will also select and bring horses up and for body work appointments.  We generally treat 3-5 horses each month, selecting any that show signs of soreness or those that are working or competing at a strenuous level.  You will make the follow-up appointments for farrier and body worker and keep the schedule posted.

You are resposible to assess each horse daily as they are fed to identify any illness or injury as soon as possible.  You will bring any horse that you suspect is affected up to the barn for evaluation, check vital signs and basic lameness.  You will be aware of the insurance status and value of all horses, which may affect the treatment plan.  You will call the vet as necessary, sending photos/video of injuries or concerning behaviour when you call.  You will take notes of the prescribed treatment plan and then provide the recommended care and any follow-ups as advised.  You will provide an update on any vet situation as soon as possible to your supervisor to assist with decision making.

Our facilities include a patience pole for teaching young horses to stand tied quietly, a round pen and free-walker exerciser, both covered and useable almost year round.  We have an outdoor arena, which you will work before riding each day, taking care to preserve the clay base.  You will haul to a nearby indoor facility when the weather is inclement.  The barn has 5 indoor stalls, a small kitchen with medical supplies and a washroom.  Snacks and coffee are available at the barn.

At anytime when we do not have Barn Help or Work to Ride positions filled, you will also be responsible for feeding, health care, fence and water checks as well as barn cleaning.  This very important work must get done and takes considerable time if we have a few horses to doctor.  You may need to extend your day to get the horses ridden.

When we do have barn help or volunteer(s), you will need to organize their work, keep them busy and working together compatibly.

You will compete, as a Pro, with our horses in the NARCHC, CACHC and other local associations that are appropriate to the horse's skills, showing the capabilities of our horses to the public.  You will be the 'face' of Bar TT Cowhorse at these events an will conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times.

Our ranch is also a commercial beef operation.  You will at times be required to assist with calving, haying and other chores.  This work will be seasonal and temporary and will necessarily replace some time training horses.

Requirements: High School Diploma, 2-5 years experience training for reined cow horse and at least one year's experience showing in reined cow horse or related discipines (cutting, reining, roping, barrels).

Your work schedule will nominally be 5 days a week, 8 hours a day with feeding duties (alternate weekends when we have help).  You will arrange for coverage anytime you are unable to complete your daily duties.

This is a developmental role.  As your skills grow and you are better able to show our horses to otheir full potential, you can expect some moderate increase in salary and/or additional help to complete your work.

Accomodation will be provided on site, to facilitate any after hours care that the horses may require.  Although you are welcome to take time away to refresh, your regular home will be at the ranch, where you are immediately available to address any issues that arise after hours.

Barn Help Position
Herd Health & Colt Starting

Status:  Currently filled

Bar TT Cowhorse often emloys a horse enthusiast to assist the horse trainer, especially through the summer when the days are busy and we are also attending shows.   


This position is responsible for feeding hay and grain, cleaning stalls, checking fence and water for each pen.  If the flies are bothering the horses, you will provide them with fly masks and if it gets cold and wet you will provide blankets to horses we identify.

We count on this position to keep up with any doctoring of injured horses, as the timing and location often coincides with stall cleaning and feeding.  There are routinely eye drops and salve to administer.  If bandaging is required, you will be taught and have help.

You also may be asked to assist in catching horses, tacking up, warming up, cooling out, untacking and returning horses to pastures.  If you have experience, you may start ground work on young colts.  With a short lesson, you will be able to train the colt for a week before needing another lesson.

Depending on your experience and skills, you may advance to colt starting, putting the first rides on young horses.  Done gently, this is a very slow and gradual progression with little risk of injury.  It also builds the best foundation for the colt, training through trust.  It is not difficult nor advanced: it just requires steady, patient work every day.

This position may be part time or full time, seasonal or year round, depending on our work load and your abilities


Requirements:  Some high school completed, a driver's license, prior horse handling experience.  Attention to detail and following a schedule on your own are important.  Reliability and communication skills are essential.  Preference will be given to individuals interested in pursuing the reined cow horse discipline.

Your work schedule is generally 5 days a week plus feeding alternate weekends.  Days are nominally 8 hours but will vary with the immediate needs of the ranch.

Accomodation &/or meals cannot be promised, but may be available on site.

This position could provide the opportunity to work through your Equine Canada Western Riding Levels 1 to 4.  Coaching can be provided in exchange for work you perform beyond your paid hours/tasks.  Candidates should state their desire to pursue this type of official program at the earliest possible time, to allow for planning and arranging of necessary details.

Volunteer Position
Work to Learn/Ride

Status:  Currently Open

Bar TT Cowhorse occaisionally will take on part time workers who are looking to gain experience riding or training horses.  You may be

  • a horse crazy high school student in the area, wanting the chance to try riding with out the expense of owning a horse of your own,

  • a horse enthusiast on a work/travel adventure, hoping to experience the western or cowboy lifestyle in Alberta, or

  • a student in Equine Science at Olds College or a similar program, looking to add to your equine experience portfolio.


Our program allows you to work in exchange for riding lessons or experience handling &/or training horses.  Your work will consist of tasks that need to be done that you are capable of completing safely. 

Starting tasks will include cleaning stalls, catching horses, bringing horses to the barn, brushing and tacking up, untacking, brushing and cooling out, returning horses to their pen or pasture, checking waterers, feeding hay and grain, checking feed inventory and helping with fencing and general barn cleaning.

As your skills increase, you will be offerred more advanced work when it is available.  Depending on your goals we can include some work in the areas of breeding, ground work, colt starting, exercising, training or ranch maintenance.  Work with the beef herd may also be possible depending on the season and your capabilities.

Requirements:  You need to have a reliable way to get to the ranch for your shifts.   Students should be in at least grade 6 and aged 12 or older.  Reliability, work ethic and positive attitude are important.  Experience with horses or around the farm is very beneficial. 

This position is usually part time, on a regular schedule, (ie. Mon & Thur 5-8pm, Sat 8am-5 pm) but may be full time during the summer.  You will be required to commit to a term of work, usually at least a few months. 


Accomodation &/or meals cannot be promised, but may be available on site, especially if you are coming from a distance and require a driver.

This position could provide the opportunity to work through your Equine Canada Western Riding Levels 1 to 4.  Coaching can be provided in exchange for specific extra tasks that you perform beyond your regular job.  Candidates should state their desire to pursue this type of official program at the earliest possible time, to allow for planning and arranging of necessary details.

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