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Ian Tyson was an Alberta cowboy musician.  Enjoy some of his music while you are here.

Ian & Laureen at Ya Ha Tinda Ranch

Everything We Offer

El Nino

Each year, we evaluate our broodmare band, select the mares to breed, scour the stallion and Magic Cross catalogs searching for the best match for each mare. 


We love to use Canadian owned studs standing locally - especially those with proven performance offspring.  Beyond performance success we look for solid conformation, easy disposition and great eye appeal. 


New technologies allow us to harvest  a fertilized embryo and transfer it to a recipient mare.  This means that our talented mare can continue showing while we get an early look at offspring. 


Mares beyond our breeding needs may be available as recipient mares.  Give us a call and inquire about availability and timing.

FInding your perfect horse isn't easy.  Give us a call and let us use our contacts in the community to help with your search, whether it is a wellbred weanling or a show horse with earnings.  We'll get the word out to other breeders and trainers to find horses for you to consider.


As we train our own young horses, we let them tell us which work they prefer.  Not every prospect becomes a Reined Cow Horse - it takes a strong work ethic, athleticism and a calm mind for the job.  Some horses are better suited to other disciplines for a variety of reasons.  Our sold horses have gone on to successful careers in cow horse, ranching, roping and reining.

Our sales listings are subject to change due to market conditions and advances in training.  You are welcome to come and try the horses at Bergen during the summer.  We haul a few to Arizona in the winter for continued training.  Come ride with us and try them out for yourself.

Training & Lessons

We have set up some outdoor pens with shelter and can now provide training to a limited number of outside horses.  Our trainer is well known in the Working Cow Horse competition circuit for his soft approach and talented riding.

From first rides to tune ups before a big show, we can help your horse be ready.  With miles of trails, a herd of cattle, a round pen, freewalker and arena we can give them what they need next.

Whether it's a quick tune up as you begin the competition season or a new start on a young colt, we will do our best to help you out.  Take a few lessons with our trainer and your horse before you head for home to make sure you and your horse recognize the same set of signals. 


Bring your horse back to ride with us to stay synchronized and get invigorated about riding again! 

Views from around the ranch.

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