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Job Position Available - Barn Helper

High school or college job

Dates: mid April start, mid October finish, 2024


Barn - clean horse stalls (max 5), use wheelbarrow to take manure to storage area, sweep/blow out aisle, tidy kitchen & bathroom, clean weekly, tidy in tack room, check feed inventory & report shopping list, feed barn cats, sweep/wash out wash bay

General Horses - feed hay & grain - 5 horses in barn plus 15 others outside, bring horses up to barn for work, brush, pick hooves, tack up, put in exerciser as requested, apply Bemer as requested, untack & put tack away, shampoo, braid, blanket as requested, minor medical care, return horse to paddock.

Farrier days - bring horses up for trimming & shoes then return them to their paddocks.

Vet or Breeding days - bring horses up, lightly brush, load in trailer, clean trailer & return horses to paddocks afterwards.

Additional tasks if experienced

If experienced / interested work could include halter work & ground work with 3 yearlings as well as ground work, saddling & first ride for two year old (1).

Other ranch tasks

May be required periodically - fencing, clearing pastures of brush, fallen logs etc., herding, trailing cattle to new pasture, landscape - cutting grass, planting, weeding, watering.

Your qualities & experience

We are seeking someone who enjoys working on a team, who can take direction and be responsible for completing the job.


You must be comfortable haltering horses, walking them in hand, cleaning & tacking.


You do not have to be an expert rider at all but if you are interested we could provide lessons & a horse to ride as partial payment.

We appreciate problem solving skills - if you see a problem, let us know what you suggest to fix it - we may/may not agree, but we'll have an idea to start from.

You are a hard worker, always busy, finding things that need to be done and doing them. You know your limits and ask for help. You are respectful and polite, tidy and positive.


You must get yourself to the ranch each day, and have a ride home. 

You should have basic jeans & shirt, cap for sun, water bottle. You will be working mainly outdoors, regardless of the weather. Bring a jacket & boots if it is wet.


We pay minimum wage for this position.  You will build your experience and show your capabilities on the job to be employable at the end of the summer.  We will gladly provide references for good employees.

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Work Schedule

Mon - Fri

8:00 am – 5:00 pm     Bring your lunch

Sat & Sun

10:00 am - 12:00 pm   Feed only

Alternate weekends


  • MUST be LEGAL to work in Canada

  • Deductions will be taken for CPP. EI, Taxes

  • Able to accept e transfers for payment

  • MUST have reliable transportation to the ranch

  • If under 21, MUST have parental consent

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Questions? How To Apply?

To apply, please complete the form below and send a copy of your resume of work experience or school success to

Select an individual (could be a babysitting job etc.) and ask them if they will provie a reference to your work ethic and character, then send us the email address & phone number for your reference.

Don't worry if this is your first job - you might be perfect for the position!  If you have questions after reading through this page, send them to our contact email,  We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Our location: 31320 Range Road 55,
                     County Mountain View, Alberta

What we do at Bar TT Cowhorse

We breed, raise and train horses for Reined Cow Horse competition, (also called Working Cow Horse).  This western discipline showcases the skills that would be required on a large cattle ranch.  As shown in Yellowstone on TV, it includes rounding up cattle, trailing them to new pastures, cutting cows from the herd for treatment and working cattle on the fence to move them where we need them.  It's an exciting sport to watch and so much fun to participate in, regardless of your skill level.  It requires a talented horse, trained to a very high level and a cowboy (or girl) with high level riding skills.  Check it out at NRCHA or Art of the Cowgirl online.

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