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Training and Lessons

Training & Boarding

Every horse needs a tune up from time to time.  If you are looking for someone to get your horse started or to just remind him of his job, give us a call.

We have room and time for a limited number of outside horses in training at the ranch.  Our training program is most appropriate for developing reined cow horses for competition but the basics are the same for any horse.

We can provide a private stall in the barn or an outdoor group paddok with clean water and good quality hay.  Your horse will be ridden by our staff five days a week in most cases.  You will be resposible for any necessary veterinary care, regular hoof care and any special feed you require.

Give us a call to inquire about our availability.  It will be helpful if you can provide the breed, age, discipline and level of previous training.  Tell us about your skill  level and what your goals are for the horse.

Lessons &

While your horse is at the ranch in training, you are welcome to arrange a weekly lesson, so that you keep up with his skills.  From beginner to advanced rider, if you are looking to show in reined cow horse, we can help you tune up your game.

Please call in advance to arrange a suitable lesson time.  Let us know your prior riding experience so we can prepare an appropriate lesson for you.

If you are looking at purchasing a first horse, let us provide you with some advice or gudiance.  We can help you find suitable candidates to consider, come along to see the horse, ride the horse for you and recommend steps to ensure the horse is right for you.  The right horse will keep you safe and allow you to accelerate your learning.

Tack Room
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