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Rainy day in Arizona?

Yes, although it's not common, it does rain in Arizona. We had a wet day today - not heavy rain, just drizzle and dark skies. It's quite pretty with the dark clouds hanging low over the Mingus Mountains. I should have predicted the weather - you see, just yesterday, I went and bought hay. Usually we have hay delivered and stacked in our tack shed. Since our hay supplier has had a month of holidays, we were running very low. So off I went to Olsen's to buy premium alfalfa hay at $26/bale. Of course, they are 3 string bales that must weigh close to 100 lbs. I can barely heave them off the ground. Which brings me back to predicting a wet day. Since we didn't have our supplier to stack the bales, I managed to stack half beside the cattle pen but by the time I got to the horses, I just dumped them out of the truck bed and called it good. So, they are lying in a disorganized pile, outside in the rain. Honestly, I think it has rained twice in the 6 weeks we've been here. I guess the main thing is that the cattle and horses are fed and happy.

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