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It feels like a long winter; probably a bit more snow than usual and it's been plenty cold at times in Alberta. Our Arizona escape is always warmer - but this year was apparently the coldest and wettest in 30 years. No matter - it was still above freezing most of the time.

Now that the flowers have started to bloom and the weather is getting warm, we start thinking about our trip home. There's the packing list, the tally for the customs agents at the border, cleaning out the fridge and the usual season chores. But there's also the excitement of the show season ahead.

We hope to see you at the Northern Alberta Reined Cowhorse Club shows, starting at the end of April. We'll be at some of the Alberta Reined Cowhorse Association shows to try our Hickory in the Derby. And we're working hard perparing BOSS for the Futurity shows. South of the border, BAYYWATCH is gearing up to continue her show career. We are so excited to have an embryo growing in a surrogate mare. That will be a very special baby. Those. Texans know how to get it done!

Happy Easter to all of you! Enjoy this special time with your families and friends. We look forward to reconnecting during the show season.

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