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Working at the ranch


We often host young adults at the ranch to help with ranch work while they learn about horses, ranch life or English.  There are many tasks from stall cleaning to horse training, depending on previous skills and experience.  If you are looking for an opportunity to work with horses and grow your skills or perfect your English, drop us a note.

Skills you might have: clean stalls, catch horses at pasture, bathe & groom, tack up, distribute feed, check water, clean waterers, tack & barn and assist at horse shows on weekends.

Skills you could develop: socialize young foals, evaluate body condition, scan for injury, give medication, hand walk or longe, clean & bandage wounds, halter training, teach body control, desensitizing ground work, first rides, basic walk, back, turn under saddle.

Attractions near by: At the ranch near Bergen, Alberta, explore the mountains, visit the wild horses, tour the rodeos all summer and enjoy long summer days.  In Cottonwood, Arizona all winter, enjoy warm weather, beautiful Sedona scenery, daytrips to Grand Canyon or Phoenis.

We host through WorkAway, WWOOF, HippoHelp or you can set something up yourself.

You will need: some horse experience, a valid visa to be in the country, and at least beginner English.  An international driver's license is beneficial for exporing.

With a tourist visa, you can work in exchange for room & board with time off to explore. You will have your own room in our home and share meals & basic home chores.  We have limited horsemanship requirements for tourists.  Tourist visas usually cover a stay of 3 months in USA or 6 months in Canada.

With a working visa, you could be paid for the skills you provide us - part time or full time but we expect proficiency in the Reined Cow Horse discipline.  Working visas may cover a few months to several years in Canada.

We are proficient in English and French.  We have basic Dutch, Spanish, Italian.  Once you get used to the duties, work will be conducted in English.

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