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Ranch and Show Horses


Lady, 2017
Chestnut Mare

(Lady Chics N Chex
NMSU Truckin Chex x
SG Fair Little Chic)

Bred, foaled and raised at the ranch, Lady is the daughter of our first horse.  She was born at well over 100 lbs and fortunately, has her mother's somewhat lazy attitude.  She's not very interested in fancy arena moves but she is a great hand when rustling cattle out of the bush.  She will work all day until the job is done - but she'll be looking forward to a day off in the open pasture.

Lady, as she is known at the barn, is a big steady and stout ranch horse.  She is the first horse that James takes out to find or move cattle; and he's not very happy when we borrow her for other things. 


She has tried barrel racing, reining, roping and cow horse work in the arena.  There's no doubt her favourite is ranch work.  She will stand, ground tied, all day while James fixes fence or tends to a calf.  She'll run through snow drifts up to her chest when a calf is outside the fence and needs to return to the herd.

I don't think she is for sale, but you can ask James at Tall Timber Cattle Co.  If she's not out working for James, they may be out roping for fun. Her size and strength have proven advantageous for both work and play.

Hickory, 2019
Sorrel Gelding

(Ja Gunin For Hickory - Tejons Blue Hickory x Ms Silver Sabre)

We purchased this young gelding in February of 2022 with not much of a start on him.  He could take a saddle and rider, walk and trot, straight lines and maybe turn at the time.  

Just six short months later, in the hands of Massimo Garlanda, he was shown in the Sasktchewan Classic Cow Horse Futurity & Derby show in Saskatoon, the weekend of August 8th.  Although he didn't win any big prizes, we were very proud of this horse and his ambitious and talented young trainer.  Both worked very hard, with a good attitude everyday to be able to show competently at this event.  

He subsequently showed in the Northern Alberta Reined Cow Horse Club's Yearend Futurity & Derby, in October.  Again, he was reliable and performed well under this pressure.

As a late baby, born June 23, 2019, it's amazing that he has progressed to this level.  We have huge hopes for his Derby year in 2023!

Merlin, 2009
Liver Chestnut Gelding

(Smart Lil Hemi

Smart Lil Highbrow x

I Got No Freckles)

Merlin was shown in reining in California during his first career, then moved to Arizona where he learned how to work cows.  He was rather skeptical at first but he loves them now!

It was our good fortune, that we happened to see this handsome boy as we were preparing for a lesson.  Before we knew it, he was ours, ridin with Kevin Stallings.

After winning Arizona Bridle Horse of the Year in 2015, along with several trips to the World Championships, we decided it was time to bring him home.

Since that time, Laureen has had the pleasure of training and showing this very smart and talented steed.  He does occaisionally need a little tuning - he's smart and knows how to get things going his way.

In 2022, Massimo Garlanda rode him in the Open Bridle and Ultimate Cowhorse events under the NRCHC in Ponoka.  We hope he has many more years of riding ahead that we can enjoy together!

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