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Our staff works hard to make sure that Bar TT Ranch continues to produce solid, handy horses ready for competition. Our horses are managed alonside our beef cow-calf program.  We regularly use the cattle for horse training and the horses to move and sort the beef herd.

We hire young, aspiring horsemen/women to work with our young horses.  We take advantage of local, professional trainers to mentor our staff, direct the training of the horses and to personally finish and market some of our horses.


If you’d like any more information about our team, or would like to apply for a position, please get in touch.  Read on to learn more about the team at Bar TT Cowhorse.

Current Positions Available:   

Full-time horse trainer - experience required, on site accomodations

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Barn help - Our current position has been filled



Ranch Owner


Ian gets top honours for all that he has learned over the years at the ranch.  Having grown up in the city, everything was new.  Over 20 years, he has taken on new challenges and equipment steadily.  He's a key participant in ranch planning and day to day decision making.

Ian can often be found out on the tractor, grooming the arena, mowing grass on the riding trails, or clearing deadfall to enhance pasture growth.  He loves to ride his gelding, Bert when he has time and especially loves cow work.  He has been spending time in the 'Smithy' lately, creating horseshoe bridle hooks and other great gear.

Ian loves to visit and meet new people.  When he goes to town for a part, it can take a while.  But he does a great job of maintaining our relationships with suppliers and supporters.  Give Ian a call if you are interested in event sponsorship or other promotional activities for the ranch or if you'd like a personal tour of our operations.



Ranch Owner and Horse Manager


Laureen grew up feeding and showing dairy calves with 4H.  After a rewarding career in reservoir engineering, she loves being at the ranch full time. Practical experience can't be beat but formal education can speed up the learrning process.  A Diploma in Equine Science with the University of Guelph,  has become the foundation of our program, based in horse ethology - handling and caring for the horse in a way suited to its natural instincts and physical needs.

Laureen drives the breeding program at the ranch, studying pedigrees, watching online performances and planning the timing.  She prefers live cover or side by side AI  breeding for their higher success rates and coordinates the necessary logistics.   Meeting special horses and their people is a highlight of the process which requires 11 patient months to produce results.


Several years ago, Laureen moved up to a lovely gelding, Merlin and has been working on her horsemanship and reined cowhorse skills with this new partner.  They attend local clinics and shows.  Laureen loves the challenge of the discipline - there's no worry about getting bored!  And,  Quarter Horses were developed for this work.


Laureen loves new opportunities in trail riding, cutting or trailing cattle.  If you are looking for company, give her a call.

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Our Professional Horse Training Resources


Dan Alliban.jpg

Dan & Jenn Alliban of Caliber Equine in Carstairs, Alberta are our "Go To" trainers.  They  have mentored our staff, directed the training of young horses,  finished and sold a few prospects for us.  We appreciate their hard work and honest evaluation of our horses as much as their personal and business coaching.  Dan provides us with cutting expertise and practice, and readily shares his love of the sport.  Their referrals to quality services  bring local excellence to our program.

We are lucky to live near the Cowboy centre of Canada.  Here, in the Alberta foothills we are able to benefit from the training, coaching and friendship of many Cowhorse professionals.  We look forward to continued learning alongside these local legends.

Geoff Hoar - San Emideo Ranch

Kade Mills

Cody McArthur

Austin Seelhof

Sarah Wolf - Body Work

Carson Richardson - Farrier

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  First she wants circles.  Then it's     more circles and more circles.             And OMG then they're never             FREAKIN' round enough...

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