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Meet The Team


Ian Van Staalduinen

Ranch Owner

Ian gets top honours for all that he has learned over the years at the ranch. He is always looking for a better solution to save effort and money in our work.  He has taken on many challenges  over the years as we carved our operation our of the bush. From the days of rented chainsaws and outhouses to our own sawmill and the barn house - he's overseen many improvements at the ranch.  With his engineering and banking background, he's a key participant in any planning decisions as our business grows.

Ian can often be found out on the tractor, grooming the arena, mowing grass on the riding trails, or clearing deadfall to enhance pasture growth.  He loves riding when he has time and especially loves cow work. He's working on his roping skills with our steers - but I think the team ropers don't need to worry just yet.

Ian enjoys spending time in the 'Smithy', creating horseshoe bridle hooks and other great gear.  He has quite a range of products.  Of course, his skills come in handy for many ranch repairs on a daily basis.

Ian loves to meet new people and hear their perspective on the ranching industry.  He is the ultimate tour guide for Alberta Open Farm Days or any other gathering.  You'll see the hidden corners and learn lots of interesting tidbits about our operations during your ride in the side-by-side.  

A strong supporter of local business, Ian is the one to contact if you are looking for sponsorship for your event.  If you are educating the public or helping the youth in our agricultural community, you can count on our help

Laureen Little

Ranch Owner and Horse Manager

Laureen grew up dreaming of horses while feeding and showing dairy calves in 4H.  When the opportunity to own a horse and learn to ride came along, she grabbed hold and has been an enthusiastic student ever since.


There is a lot to learn to safely handle and manage horses.  To speed up the learning, Laureen undertook an online Equine Science program through the University of Guelph. From barn design to foaling emergencies, she eagerly studied to build her knowledge.  This Certificate, based on handling and caring for the horse in a way suited to its natural instincts and physical needs, became the foundation for our own horse care and training program,

​Horsemanship and the art of riding well takes time in the saddle and an open mind to understand the world from the horse's perspective.  Laureen has been working hard to try and be a reliable partner to Merlin, her gorgeous gelding.  He knows the moves from previous work but together they are gaining confidence in each other in the show pen. .  Laureen loves the challenge of the cow horse discipline - there's always more to learn.  And the cattle add an element of adrenalin every time!

Everyone is drawn to newborn foals with their slender, wobbly  legs.  Laureen's passion for the babies drives the breeding program at the ranch.  Many hours are spent studying pedigrees and genetics, watching online performances and planning the logistics of breeding our broodmares. Meeting special stallions is a highlight of the process, but her favourite part of the job is watching the babies at play on their first outing after a long 11 month wait.

Laureen enjoys the great people she has met over the years through breeding, doctoring, riding and showing horses.  She has enjoyed learning more about barrel racing, team roping, calf roping and many other horse based events.  If you are looking for a companion on the trail or another rider in the cutting pen, give her a call.  She stays busy but having fun with horses generally comes at the top of her list.

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Massimo Garlanda

Horse Trainer

Massimo hails from near Brussels, Belgium and learned his cow horse skills on the European circuit.  (Who knew they even had western events?)  He has high expectations but a light hand with the horses.  This young trainer has a solid vision of where he's headed and is happy to ask for guidance when needed.

Massimo has shown our best horses in both cutting and reined cow horse with solid results.  Competing against the established trainers isn't easy, but Massimo has now shown that he belongs in the Open classes.  Our hores have never looked so good!


We are happy he has settled with us at the ranch.  He's definitely raised our level of riding and showing since he arrived and always is ready for fun and laughter at the end of the day.


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Wanna work for us?

Our staff works hard to make sure that Bar TT Ranch continues to produce solid, handy horses ready for competition. Our horses are managed alongside our beef cow-calf program.  We regularly use the cattle for horse training and the horses to move and sort the beef herd.

We hire young, aspiring horsemen/women to work with our horses.  We take advantage of local, professional trainers to mentor our staff, direct the training of the horses and to personally finish and market some of our horses.


We have a program of "Work to Learn" if you are hoping to get into riding but don't have a horse of your own yet.  If you have transportation and a regular schedule, our staff can share their knowledge to help you get started in exchange for basic barn chores.  If you’d like any more information about our team, or would like to apply for a position, please get in touch.

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